Unconventional. Modern. By Design.

These are not your father’s cubicles. In fact, they are not cubicles at all – at least, not as traditional cubicles have existed to date. These work stations are designed to facilitate the interactions which create productivity in a modern work place.

Traditional vertical cubicles tend to isolate each employee within their work space, limiting interaction, communication and collaboration – the very processes we want to encourage in our work environment today.

In contrast, these horizontally-structured work stations are designed to create an open environment that facilitates interaction and collaboration, while providing each employee the freedom to arrange their work space in the way that is most comfortable and productive for them. They also provide improved lighting and airflow. They are perfect for call centers, multiple-user work stations and other team environments where open work spaces are desirable – or even necessary to be productive.

These modern work stations are on the GSA schedule, and feature electrical spine and wire management, UL rated electrical and components, and low-profile, tackable screens to define each work space. We can also provide divider screens in tempered glass, white board, laminate or ribbed Lexan.

Why should your work space be conventional, when your work is not?

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